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Comprehensive Franchisor Support

Piconzza devised a comprehensive franchisor support program, based on the following parameters, to support all its franchisees

Advise the franchisees to select a suitable location for setting up the outlet, & provide turnkey assistance related to designing, layout, & architecture..

01 Setup

Provide guidance & advice regarding the procurement of fresh supplies & help the franchisees in effectively managing these supplies..

02 Inventories

Assist in the recruitment of kitchen staff & other staff required for running the outlet.

03 Manpower

Provide unique concepts for development & execution of marketing activities to help in expanding reach & increasing customer base.

04 Operations

Provide an initial training support & periodical training of the staff on various aspects related to outlet operations.

05 Training

Aiming for Expansion

After successfully serving the food lovers,   Piconzza   looks forward to expanding its presence on a pan-India scale with the help of franchising, based on the following franchise facts

Area Required  - 150sq. ft.

​Total Investment*  - INR 17-18 Lakhs

Franchise fee  - INR 5 Lakhs

Payback Period  - 20 Months

Payback Period  - 109%

Area Required  - 450sq. ft.

​Total Investment*  - INR 28-29 Lakhs

Franchise fee  - INR 6 Lakhs

Payback Period  - 20 Months

Payback Period  - 105%

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